Returns / Exchanges please send to:

Götz GmbH

Achalmstr. 61

D-72379 Hechingen



Please use the return form, this makes our work easier.

You can also specify as the reason for return, condition of the article and reason for the return complete with invoice number.

It is important to specify whether you wish amount refund or exchange!

Please note that we can not assume any registered counter at returns.

Here, please return form click downloaded here <<<<<<<<<

The costs of returns you have to carry.

If you believe there ’s it was a wrong delivery or the like, and we should bear the cost of the return shipment, please fill out this return label and enter your own email address.

You will then receive a DHL return label that you can print out and stick to the package.

Here we assume the return costs.

Should it, however, the cost will subsequently prove to be unjustifiably placed or deducted from your bill.

Click here for the return label.


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